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Old Skool Flavor Bleach T-shirt

Old Skool Flavor Bleach T-shirt

A bleach-treated version of the original Old Skool Flavor T-shirt. Now you can choose the color of the logo print!

Maker Description
This version of the Old Skool Flavor t-shirt has been redesigned to use the current street fashion trend called bleach treatment. It has a casual look to it, but it also has a flashy street design look to it, so if you're looking for a cool new shirt, we'll make a street fashion model out of you!

Each shirt is bleach-treated individually, so no two shirts are the same! The top players of the world are already wearing them, so now you can join their ranks!

*since bleach was used in the treatment, we recommend you wash the shirts separately at first.

>>Shion Araya vs. Shinji Saito — CoC Finals - Asia Pacific Yo-yo Championships 2016


Manufacturer B.W.W

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