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2015WYYC Clear Folder (Tsumuta)

2015WYYC Clear Folder (Tsumuta)

A special item made for the 2015 World Yo-Yo Contest, an A4 folder depicting Tsumuta's adventures in Tokyo.

As part of their collaboration with the World Yo-Yo Contest, local students at Clark High School design a character named Tsumuta, a play on the Japanese word for snail, Katatsumuri. A cute snail with a yo-yo shell.

This A4-sized (similar to the US Letter-size) plastic folder--a popular tool for Japanese students to keep their papers in order--depicts Tsumuta's adventures through Tokyo, posing with the famous Kaminari gate in Asakusa, and Mt. Fuji in the background.


Manufacturer JYYF (Japan Yo-Yo Federation)

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