We got some exciting new products in today!

First off is YOYOSKEEL's first model, the Stalker. This is the first Malaysian-made yo-yo, from newly crowned National Champion Muhammad Shakeel. It almost looks like a mini diabolo, with a super low edge and wide catch zone. The gold color is a limited edition.

Next up is I Love Yo-Yo's Liopleurodon, which seems to be a heavyweight version of the Torino. We love the name, but it's hard to spell and pronounce so we just call it "Lio" around the office. Hiro says he has been waiting for a yo-yo of this quality for a long time. For those who like round profiles like the FH Zero, you will love this monster. If this was Mario Kart, Lio would be either Bowser or Donkey Kong for sure.

Last is a special limited edition of the YoYoJoker Stratos, which isn't set to go on sale until the end of November. This pre-release Halloween edition was only available at the 2010 Yo-Style Kyusyu Contest this past Sunday. We got as many as we could but they are sure to go fast.

Lastly, we've received some requests for yo-yo related products that aren't actual yo-yos or accessories, so we picked up a few new items you're sure to like.

This clamshell parts case is great for holding all sorts of acessories and yo-yo parts

We also picked up some Multi-Use Tweezers, super useful for untangling strings, handling delicate parts, and changing out response pads. This pair is really well built, from the same company as our glass-bottles for bearing washing.

Just thinking of tweezers got us thinking about this performance at this year's worlds. Go Ricardo! He pulled out a pair of tweezers to untangle his strings in the middle of his performance, and it drove the crowd wild!