We ship yo-yos all over the world!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We ship every weekday (Monday through Friday). All orders that come in before 1 pm (Japan Time) will be shipped on the same day (unless we face unexpected issues).

For shipping we use International ePacket (Air) and EMS (Express Air).

International ePacket takes roughly 3-10 days to ship within Asia, 5-14 days for USA or EU, and 10-21 days for countries that have a slower customs/postal service.

EMS takes roughly 2-5 days to ship within Asia, 3-7 days for USA or EU, and 7-14 days for countries that have a slower customs/postal service.

The timing is usually up to the quality of your local service who handles ePacket/EMS service (usually your post office). Our packages leave Japan in a day and get to your country the next day in most cases. After that, how long it will take for your package to arrive differs from country to country.

Some customs are slow, and some delivery services are not reliable. It really depends on the country.


Probably yes. We do not charge any tax in Japan, but you might need to pay tax to your country for consumer and import tax (aka VAT or customs duty). Some countries have low rates but some countries have very high ones. Please check your government's policies for duty/customs.

If yours is a low price order, there may be no tax in many cases.

Please inquire with your government or your local post office for further details about this.


Once we are finished preparing your order for shipping, we will send you an e-mail titled "Yo-Yo Store REWIND: Shipment # 3000xxxxx for Order # 3000xxxxx". At the bottom of the e-mail will be your tracking number which looks like "EL00xxxxxxxJP". You can track your order with this number at http://www.track-trace.com/post. Please allow for several hours after you get the number before checking the tracking website. EMS need to enter your package data into the system before it will appear on the website.


If you live in a country known for slow government and/or post office service, please give them an extra week or two for processing. The package can sometimes be stuck at the customs office for no reason.

If you live in a country with a reliable government and post office, you should receive your package within a week in most cases. (In very rare cases, the package can be stuck at customs for a few weeks due to a strike or high volume of flow.) If you do not see any sign of delivery, please check your tracking record and see where the package is. Often times, the notification paper can get mixed up with junk paper and lost, or they called you but you missed the phone call. In this case, please contact your local post office to claim your package with the tracking number. They will store your package for up to a month, but after that they will return the package to us and we will have to ask you for another shipping cost (not discounted but actual) if you want us to re-send your order.


It is often the case that they tried to deliver the package but they could not because there was nobody at your home at that moment, or for any other reason. They may have left a notification letter but often they are small and easy to get lost or get mixed into other paper or junk mail.

Therefore, now,  your local post office (the closest one or the biggest one in your town) should be storing your package. Please contact them with your tracking number. They should be able to reschedule another delivery or you can simply visit them and pick your package up (it usually requires the package tracking number and your ID).

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