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[Set] Offstring Starter Set

[Set] Offstring Starter Set

An offstring yo-yo, specialty trick oil, a 10-pack of replacement strings and an offstring starter DVD make this the ultimate starter kit for budding offstring players!

The Ashiru Kamui Light was the affordable offstring yo-yo that brought the high quality of Japan Technology to the masses, supporting players of all levels in their practice and helping popularize the division around the world.

Loaded with a metal spacer to adjust the Kamui's response gap, and K-String fat string, this combination creates the ideal setting for beginners to hit the ground running and get their offstring career started.

Use the options on the left to select your yo-yo color. A premium option lets you choose to upgrade to the PC Wolty over the Ashiru Kamui Light. Also, the default string pack that comes with this set can be upgraded to our recommended 100% polyester K-String, either normal or fat type. The included bottle of bearing oil will help keep you spinning for a long time.

As an added bonus, we've included Japan Technology's How-to Offstring DVD set, which covers everything from how to hold and throw your offstring yo-yo to getting started on tricks to impress your friends. (Audio in Japanese, with English Subtitles). This DVD is only included in this set and the Japan Technology Offstring Starter Set, and is not sold individually.

Feel free to use our free resource, the Learning Offstring Corner to supplement your knowledge and hit the ground running!

This set isn't just for convenience! This set is priced at a 20% discount over purchasing the included items separately, not including the DVD!

Set includes
Japan Technology Ashiru Kamui Light (or upgrade to PC Wolty)
String Trick Specialty Oil
JT How-To Offstring DVD
Replacement String 10-pack (non-brand or upgrade to K-String)

Ashiru Kamui

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