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Iwakura Offline Store

"Iwakura Offine Store" is our physical store front built next to our office.

You can see and try actual yo-yos and decide what you like.

The store located on the second floor of a deli shop "OKADAYA." Please come up the stairs on the right side of Okadaya.

If you have any questions, our expert staff will answer for you.


Store Info:

Store Address

35-1 Izumi-cho Iwakura Aichi 482-0045

Phone: 0587-81-3924

Store Hours

Sat/Sun 14:00-18:00 (We might be closed due to visiting contests/events.)


REWIND is an Official Shop for Bandai Hyper Yo-Yo.

Rewind does:

Trick testing


distribute giveaways

sell special models


Access (Japanese):

Address: 482-0045 愛知県岩倉市泉町西新溝廻間35-1

(あいちけん いわくらし いずみちょう にしにいみぞはざま 35-1)

[Direction to Iwakura Offline Store (PDF:Printer friendly)]



With Train:

Meitetsu Iwakura Station 12-20 min from Nagoya Station. 15 min walk from Iwakura Station.

Please print the PDF file for your navigation.


Detailed Store/Operation Calendar

For each day, the top line is for any special events. Contests, Yo-Yo Meet-ups and Yo-Yo Festivals are in Red, and Hyper Yo-Yo Events are in blue

The second line is for the net shop. Days in blue are days we ship orders, and days in grey (usually Sundays) are days we do not ship orders

The third line is for our Offline store hours. Days in Grey are days off, when the store is not open.

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