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Great....? You decide. Review by PhileasFogg
First off, the Nine Dragons is innovative. We all knew that. The dragon caps offer unparraleled opportunities for innovation and trick creation, and all in a yoyo that costs less than $100. With the V5 caps and surely more innovative updates on the way, the Nine Dragons is a groundbreaking throw. The question is: is it an all-around great yoyo, aside from it's gimmick?

The answer: Not quite.

When throwing the Nine Dragons, do not expect top-level performance. This is not designed to be perfectly stable, it cannot handle off-axis very well, and it makes a noise like a herd of elephants. It's difficult to snap-start, there are 3 bearings to lubricate, and I felt myself avoiding finger spins due to its high-gloss finish.

All these things aside, the Nine Dragons is fine. It's great for crafting tricks, and the stability issue can be resolved by grabbing the yoyo and straightening it mid-throw. Beginners, and those not aware of the nuanced aspects of vibe and stability, with have unlimited fun with this yoyo. The price is for the technology, not the champion-level performance. The innovation is great, but the future will bring better yoyos with even greater performance. (Posted on 2/7/17)

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