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[Set] Mojo Bind Starter Set

[Set] Mojo Bind Starter Set
This great set includes a bind-response Mojo yo-yo, maintenance items such as lubricating oil, a 10-pack of string and a great how-to video for beginners!

With a hundred times more spin time than a tug-response yo-yo, the bind-response Mojo is a high performance plastic yo-yo. We highly recommend this for players looking to practice their binds, or players coming back to yo-yo after a break, but even experienced players will have fun getting their Mojo.

The wide body makes it easy to land on the string, and the thick rim means it has plenty of power for all your string tricks. As we've come to expect from Top Yo, the Mojo is a great cost-performer, giving you a fantastic all-arounder for a great price. Although it's at a low price point, the Mojo is sure to make an impact on the scene.

An additional design feature to make the Mojo attractive is the inclusion of a concave spot on the side face designed to hold perfect fingerspins. For a low price, you can get a feel for the latest developments in yo-yo design with a nice soft feeling of plastic.

In addition to the yo-yo, this set includes a 10-pack of 100% polyester string and maintenance products, helping new players from all the headaches of gathering lube and tools and all the other things to tinker with their yo-yo's performance. We'd rather you forget about all those worries and focus on the fun of yo-yoing!

With this set, anyone can pick up yo-yoing and learn the basics, but we've decided to make it even easier, and throw in our own great how-to DVD "Yo-Yo Instruction Video For Beginners," which clearly shows you everything to get you off the ground, from how to hold the yo-yo and change the string, to the basic tricks you can learn to impress your friends and entertain yourself! Even if you've never touched a yo-yo, and don't speak a word of Japanese, this DVD will hold your hand through the first few steps towards yo-yo stardom.

$40.44 → $29.99

Set includes:
Mojo $13.99
String Poly 100% x10 $4.49
Slim Size Pad (Basic) $1.99
String Trick Oil $4.99
Yo-Yo Holder $4.99
DVD "Yo-Yo Instruction Video For Beginners," $9.99

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  • [Set] Mojo Bind Starter Set
  • [Set] Mojo Bind Starter Set
  • [Set] Mojo Bind Starter Set

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