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[Set] Replay Pro Bind Starter Set

[Set] Replay Pro Bind Starter Set
This great set includes a bind-response Replay Pro yo-yo, maintenance items such as lubricating oil, a 10-pack of string and a great how-to video for beginners!

Switching to injection molding has allowed YoYoFactory to offer you the Gentry Stein's newest signature model for even less than before. This PRO model comes loaded with a Center Trac bearing and is set for bind response, giving you pro settings right out of the box.

Although YYF released the original Replay in 2010, this yo-yo boasts a completely different spec sheet, and the two are really not comparable to each other. The PRO has a rounded H-profile similar to the Too H.O.T. and Cypher, with a super thick rim to put as much weight into the wings as possible. at 69 grams, Replay PRO has a weight to it that you don't expect from a plastic yo-yo, and it has the stability to prove it.

In addition to the yo-yo, this set includes a 10-pack of 100% polyester string and maintenance products, helping new players from all the headaches of gathering lube and tools and all the other things to tinker with their yo-yo's performance. We'd rather you forget about all those worries and focus on the fun of yo-yoing!

With this set, anyone can pick up yo-yoing and learn the basics, but we've decided to make it even easier, and throw in our own great how-to DVD "Yo-Yo Instruction Video For Beginners," which clearly shows you everything to get you off the ground, from how to hold the yo-yo and change the string, to the basic tricks you can learn to impress your friends and entertain yourself! Even if you've never touched a yo-yo, and don't speak a word of Japanese, this DVD will hold your hand through the first few steps towards yo-yo stardom.

$40.45 → $29.99

Set includes:
Repwlay Pro $15.99
String Poly 100% x10 $4.49
String Trick Oil $4.99
Yo-Yo Holder $4.99
DVD "Yo-Yo Instruction Video For Beginners," $9.99

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