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REWIND is run by six yo-yo experts and their great supporters.


Shinya Kido

REWIND's youngest team member, Shinya is unabashed, and puts his everything into his performances. Loves to eat, loves to sleep. He is a member of team C3yoyodesign. He won 1st place in 1A at the New York International Open 2008 and 2009, and got his first world championship in 2009. Nowadays he runs yoyonews.jp, the premier Japanese yo-yo news site.
Favorite Yo-Yos: Recess FirstbaseC3 Initiator, C3 Neo Solar, C3 KROWN.st


Kazuki Okada (Osuka) - REWIND Store Manager

He is 2009, 2010 Japan National Runner-up for 1A. He is one of best 1A player in Japan. Also he is the older brother of Naoto Okada (2009, 2011 World Champion for 4A). He is working hard as JYYF Co-Head Judge, too.
Favorite Yo-Yos: YYF Loop720YYF EdgeYYF SingularityC3 ContrailTop-Yo Mojo


Jun Aramaki (AL)

A strong force within the yo-yo community since the 1997 Hyper Yo-Yo Boom, Jun has made friends all over the world through the power of Yo-Yo. A member of Team YoYoJam since 2002, he won 2nd place at the 2003 World Championship 3A division. He runs the Ueno Yo-Yo Club. He loves music and going for walks.
Favorite Yo-Yos: Replay Pro, Feehand Pro, Shutter, Token, Coca-Cola Yo-Yos


Hironori Mii (Hiro) - CEO

REWIND's commander-in-chief. Hiro earned his business degree at CSU Chico so he could be close to the heart of America's yo-yo community. He personally handles international communication and orders. Year 2000 X Division World Champion, Japan National Yo-Yo Master, and former member of Duncan Crew US.
Favorite Yo-Yos: Bastet, Jet-Set EG, FlightLoop 720Spinstar Kutex Turning Point Repro


Akihiro Uemura (Ue-san)

Favorite Yo-Yos: SpinstarOnestarDespicable Me Giggling Yo-YoNightmare


Shingo Terada (Terry) - REWIND Shibuya Store Manager

2001 World Yo-Yo Contest X division Champion. Former member of DUNCAN Crew Japan.


Favorite Yo-Yo: Raptor

Other REWIND Staff

Masahiro (Masa) - Co-CEO
REWIND's real boss behind. He handles all legal issues, accounting, and fincancing parts.Yo-Yo member can be playful as much as we do is because of him. He is a former classmate of Hiro from their high school time.
Hobby: Road Bike


David - Designer and Translator
He translates all Japanese description we write into English. Also he is the one designed our awesome logo and web page layouts.

Hobby: Climbing, hiking, Scuba, Slackline

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