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Slim Size Pad Pad Set

Slim Size Pad Set

This is a pad set of slim size response pads, favored by major yo-yo makers.

This is a sample set for different types of slim size response pads. As most players know, the type of pad usually refers to the hardness of the material, which has a huge affect on how the yo-yo plays. This set includes two pairs each of three different types. Each pair can outfit a single yo-yo, so you can get a good opportunity to test out and compare the playfeel of the different pad types.

Basic (White)
This is a "standard" setting that has a good balance between smoothness and grip, giving you good responsiveness for all types of string trick yo-yos.

Pro Soft (Green)
Stronger response! This pad gives exceptionally tight binds, and matches well with thinner strings.

Pro Hard (Blue)
Smooth as warm butter! This enhances lower-response play, and matches better with thicker strings.


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Price as configured: $13.99

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