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SMT Pad TYPE 1 (1pc)


Superb performance and tight binds are what you can expect from this genuine response pad from sOMEThING.

This special pad, made in Japan, provides even better performance than the standard sOMEThING pads. It's compatible with any yo-yo from sOMEThING, and a wide range of yo-yos from other brands like YoYoFactory and YoYoJam.

These pads are the same size as YYF's CBS pads (formerly known as K-pad Large Slim) and YoYoJam's O-ring silicone pads.

For use with Superfly Remix, Firmy, Angle, Anglam, Anglam (Christopher Chia edition), The V, JetSet, JetSet EC, etc.

This product is sold individually, price is for one pad.


Manufacturer sOMEThING

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