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YYM Custom Pad (1pc)

YYM Custom Pad "Hideo Ishida"

As the name implies, these pads were created with input from Hideo Ishida, a team yoyomonster player that often takes home top marks in the Japan National and World Yo-Yo Contest's 5A division.

Normally, pads this size measure about 1.0mm thick, but these pads are just slightly thicker at 1.08mm. The result is a tight, solid bind every time. They are made the same dimensions as the YYF CBC slim size, so you can use them with a variety of yo-yos.

Type 1 pads are normal hardness, and the Type 2 are softer. Softer pads give a stronger response than harder pads.

Designed by,
Type 1 Hideo Ishida
Type 2 Ryu Tsukasa
Type 3 Naoya Takeuchi

This product is sold individually, price is for one pad.
*These pads are CBC Pad (formerly K-pad) large slim size, and are almost the same size as YYJ O-rings, so these pads should fit any yo-yos compatible with those response pads.


Manufacturer yoyomonster.

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