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Yo-Yo Knowledge

This section contains articles we've written to help explain the differences between yo-yos and playing styles, introduce some simple tricks, and teach you how to maintain your yo-yo products for maximum fun.

The Modern Yo-Yo

We break down the basic evolution of the modern yo-yo, in its many shapes and forms.

For Beginners

For those of you just starting, or coming back to yo-yo after a long hiatus, a lot has changed while you were away.

All About String

This tutorial is to teach you how to select your string, adjust it for your height and attach it to your yo-yo.

Your First Trick

Once you've got the yo-yo on a string... what do you do with it??

String and Looping Tricks Explained

There are two basic sets of trick styles. We explain their difference and show you with demo videos.

Tug Response? Bind Response?

What's the difference between the two response types? We break it down in this article.


So you got a bind response yo-yo, how do you get the thing to come back??

How to Remove a Bearing

Standard maintenance may require you to remove your bearing from the yo-yo. This article explains how to do it without damaging anything.

How to Clean a Metal Bearing

Your bearing might need a bath. What do you need and how should you wash it?

How to Remove Hubstacks

This article explains how to remove hubstacks and z-stacks from yo-yos that sport them.

How to Polish a Raw Yo-Yo

Some metal yo-yos are raw (non-treated, raw metal surfaces), and sometimes they need a shining!

How to Use Shims

Shims are commonly used to adjust your yo-yo's gap width. Read on for more info.

Using the Solid Spin Axle System

YoYoJam's special axle system gets a rundown.

How to Oil a Metal Bearing

Keeping well lubricated.

How to Oil a Yomega Yo-Yo

Keeping your yomega looping yo-yos oiled up for top performance.

How to Change Response Pads

When your response pads wear out, you'll need to replace them. Our guide helps make sure you do things right the first time.

Wooden Axle Maintenance

If your yo-yo has a wooden axle, you may have a bit of work to do to keep it looping smoothly.

String Twist

What's the twist in a string, and what does it mean to you?

Gap Width and You

How does the gap width affect your yo-yo. And why should you care?

Response Systems

The many response systems used by yo-yos today.

About Yo-Yo Shapes

Yo-Yos come in many shapes and sizes, we break it down for you.

Axles and Bearings

Bearings also come in many shapes.


We throw the word "edge" around a lot in our product descriptions. Just what are we talking about??

Learning Off String

Getting started with Off String yo-yos.

Learning Counterweight

Getting started with counterweight yo-yos. Attaching weights and throwing your first tricks.

Intro to Yo-Yo Specs

Each yo-yo has its own specs listed in the product description, but what does it all mean?

Want to Learn More?

Yo-Yo information resources.


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