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  1. Galaxy



    YoYoFactory - DV888
    The DV888 has been refined to focus on the newcomers to metal yo-yos. Learn More
  2. [Set] YYF6 DV888 Starter Set

    [Set] YYF6 DV888 Starter Set

    As low as: $49.99

    Out of stock

    [Set] YYF6 DV888 Starter Set Learn More
  3. Orange

    Key Reel Yo-Yo


    Auldey - Key Reel Yo-Yo
    Throw it, pull it, stretch it, and watch it come back! This little keychain toy is the easiest "yo-yo" you'll ever see! Learn More
  4. Light Blue

    Metal Arrow


    YoYoFactory - Metal Arrow
    The Metal Arrow follows in the footsteps of the famous Genesis.
    Learn More
  5. Splash (Black / Green)

    Monster Edge


    YoYoFactory - Monster Edge
    The super wide-bodied model gets a monster renewal! Learn More
  6. Duncan equals Love



    Duncan - Orbit
    Orbit is the second signature model of 2016-2018 European 1A champion, Tal Mordoch.Duncan - Orbit Learn More
  7. Splash (Red / Brown)

    Road Runner


    Duncan - Road Runner
    Groovy and wide-bodied, this full metal step-up model is striking! Learn More
  8. Light Blue



    Duncan - MKT
    MKT is Team Duncan's Chris Makita signature model! Learn More
  9. Splash (Black / Yellow)

    Leviathan 6


    Out of stock

    Turning Point - Leviathan 6
    Based on the Leviathan 5, this version carries a stainless steel rim weight. Learn More
  10. Rafmagn



    CLYW - Puffin
    The latest Puffin! Originally released in 2014, the new version gets a redesign with a high bumped response area and a super low edge. Learn More
  11. Mirage



    Japan Technology - Mirage Learn More
  12. Emerald



    Out of stock

    Japan Technology - LaPua
    LaPua is an all-titanium middle sized yo-yo, based on the Frost. Learn More
  13. Green



    Out of stock

    mowl - Obsession
    With a class step-round shape, the Obsession is a powerful throw that is perfected for long combos. Learn More
  14. Splash (Black / Light Blue)



    iYoYo - RiTTER
    The looks and playfeel are unique on his wide, multi-step-straight style full metal. Learn More
  15. VERiTAS Pro

    VERiTAS Pro


    iYoYo - VERiTAS Pro
    With its embedded metal weight and fingerspin-centric side faces, the design of the VERiTAS Pro is what makes it so alluring.
    Learn More
  16. White



    The Slasher gets a new POM-bodied version! Learn More
  17. Red

    VS Versus


    IZM - VS Versus
    This Versus is a bimetal version, loaded with a stainless steel rim. Learn More
  18. Yellow



    izm - ORB Learn More
  19. Splash (Green / Yellow)

    WY-009 NM9


    Sturm Panzer - WY-009 NM9
    It's like the Night Moves is all grown up! This new masterpiece bears a midship weight, and is ready for primetime in "Florida." Learn More
  20. Splas (Black / Blue / Silver)



    Turning Point - Shake
    Takeshi Matsuura's second signature model from Turning Point! Learn More
  21. Champagne Gold

    Turning Point 2


    Turning Point - Turning Point 2
    This wide monometal has some serious horsepower. Learn More
  22. Yellow



    Turning Point - Houska Learn More
  23. Blue / Pink Aurora

    Leviathan4β 2017ver.


    Turning Point - Leviathan4β 2017ver.
    This 2017 version of the legendary Leviathan series is kissed with a brass weight rim. Learn More
  24. Shake (2016AP)

    Shake (2016AP)


    Turning Point - Shake (2016AP)
    Takeshi Matsuura's second signature model from Turning Point! Learn More
  25. Ayame



    One Drop x OhYesYo - Eclipse
    Eclipse is a collaboration model between One Drop and OhYesYo. Learn More
  26. Sunrise Gate  (Ryosuke Color)



    Out of stock

    onedrop - Rebirth
    Rebirth is the signature model of onedrop sponsored team member, Ryosuke Kawamura. Learn More
  27. Galaxy

    Colossus III


    Top Yo - Colossus III
    Using 7003 grade aluminum, this is the third release of the Colossus series. Learn More
  28. Chaos

    Colossus IV


    Top Yo - Colossus IV
    This is the fourth iteration of Top Yo's flagship, the Colossus! Learn More
  29. Noodle



    Out of stock

    Pool Party YoYos - Noodle
    Middle-sized and wide-bodied, a little on the heavy side, but man does it bring the party! Pool Party's second release is a cannonball! Learn More
  30. Light Blue



    Recess - Komodo
    This middle size step-round throw is designed to fit comfortably into your hand, like an old friend. Learn More
  31. Blue



    Out of stock

    Werrd - Minute
    The undersized, low-edged, straight bodied yo-yo from down under. Learn More
  32. Blue / Rainbow Rim



    Out of stock

    SF yoyos - Statement
    From the Czech Republic, the Statement is Tony Šec's signature bimetal model. Learn More
  33. Light Blue



    SF Yoyos - Ceasefire
    The Ceasefire is the "truce" bimetal signature model of two elite rival players. Learn More
  34. Bliss CS

    Bliss CS


    SF YoYos - Bliss CS
    This version of the Bliss has been tweaked for Connor Seals (CS). Learn More
  35. Blue

    Little Fox II

    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price: $24.99

    YoYo Empire - Little Fox II
    The Little Fox II is a superb cost-performance bimetal model, with a stainless steel midship weight design. Learn More
  36. Green


    Regular Price: $27.99

    Special Price: $19.99

    Starting from "A" again, YOYOFFICER's second lap around the alphabet starts with a super affordable full metal yo-yo, the Apex! Learn More
  37. Blue



    Unparalleled - Reduction
    Reduction is Unparalleled's first middle-sized yo-yo. Learn More

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