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    iYoYo - iCEBREAKER
    Machined from polycarbonate, iCEBREAKER is a new off string yo-yo based on the shape of the AiR DiVE. Learn More
  2. VERiTAS Pro

    VERiTAS Pro


    iYoYo - VERiTAS Pro
    With its embedded metal weight and fingerspin-centric side faces, the design of the VERiTAS Pro is what makes it so alluring.
    Learn More
  3. Clear Blue / Gold Rim



    KiCKSTART PRO is the result of a crowdfunding effort by German maker iYoYo. It's a plastic model with a metal rim, set for bind response. Learn More
  4. Splash (Blue / Pink / Yellow)



    iYoYo - HiDRA
    Designed to maximize spin time, HiDRA is a full metal yo-yo that's easy to love. Learn More
  5. TiSSOX



    iYoYo - TiSSOX
    HiDRA's final form is here! TiSSOX is a bimetal yo-yo with a titanium body and a stainless steel rim. Learn More
  6. TiRROX



    iYoYo - TiRROX
    iYoYo's second full titanium release, TiRROX is a serious competition yo-yo, designed to sweep the stage! Learn More
  7. Light Blue

    Air Dive


    Out of stock

    iYoYo - Air Dive
    iYoYo's first off string yo-yo, made from POM plastic. Learn More
  8. Black / Gold



    iYoYo - FiRROX
    A large stainless steel rim and an extreme bumped response area makes the bimetal FiRROX stand out in a crowd! Learn More
  9. Blue / Gold

    iYoYo Steel


    iYoYo - iYoYo Steel
    The steel-rimmed bimetal yo-yo comes from the hands of Germany's competition yo-yo maker. Learn More
  10. Clear / Rainbow Rim



    iYoYo - iCEBERG
    This is the plastic version of the iYoYo Steel. A machined polycarbonate body tipped with a stainless steel rim make this an unusual combination of materials. Learn More

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