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  1. Black



    Out of stock

    44RPM - Oscillator
    Oscillator is the fresh signature model of Hank Freeman, the American phenom that claimed three consecutive titles in the world yo-yo contest 3A category from 2011 to 2013. Learn More
  2. Basecamp Legend

    Basecamp Legend


    Out of stock

    Basecamp - Basecamp Legend
    This wooden fixed-axle yo-yo is a blast from the past! Learn More
  3. Navigator



    BASECAMP - Navigator
    Improving mobility with a midship weight, Navigator is BASECAMP's first bimetal model. Learn More
  4. Purple


    Regular Price: $54.99

    Special Price: $44.99

    BASECAMP - Sherpa
    A very interesting concept! Sherpa is a hollow-bodied full metal yo-yo with a retro shape. Learn More
  5. BASECAMP Jackknife, Expedition, Moonshine Set

    BASECAMP Jackknife, Expedition, Moonshine Set


    Out of stock

    Basecamp - Jackknife, Expedition, Moonshine Set
    This set includes the three first three yo-yos released by Basecamp. Learn More
  6. Bronze



    Out of stock

    Basecamp - Moonshine

    Moonshine is only available as three yo-yo set with Jackknife and Expedition. Please see the related product for the set. Learn More
  7. Red


    Regular Price: $74.99

    Special Price: $59.99

    Basecamp - Expedition
    From Basecamp's first release lineup, CLYW took the reigns in creating the Expedition. Learn More
  8. Black / Blue

    Bulldog 225 (2017 USN)


    Out of stock

    Chico Yo-Yo Company - Bulldog 225 (2017 USN)
    The Bulldog just got a little bigger! Learn More
  9. Salmon Fade



    CLYW - Borealis
    This is the signature model of the 2015 1A world champion, Zach Gormley. Learn More
  10. Rafmagn



    CLYW - Puffin
    The latest Puffin! Originally released in 2014, the new version gets a redesign with a high bumped response area and a super low edge. Learn More
  11. Blue

    Peak 2


    CLYW - Peak 2
    The Peak gets an update for its tenth birthday! Learn More
  12. Bombshell Fade



    CLYW - Kayak
    Kayak is the first yo-yo that CLYW can proudly proclaim is the signature model of 2002 and 2007 1A world champion, Yuuki Spencer. Learn More
  13. Sand



    CLYW - Kodiak
    This inner-rim bimetal model was based on the Arctic Circle, and is the signature model of 2014 world champion, Tessa Piccillo. Learn More
  14. Petr Kavka Edition



    CLYW - Compass
    Compass is the new signature model for Czech champion Petr Kavka! Learn More
  15. Aquamarine



    Out of stock

    CLYW - Manatee
    The name is appropriate for this wide-bodied yo-yo. Manatee is the new signature model of world-reknowned trick innovator, Riccardo Fraolini. Learn More
  16. Milk Shake

    Big Dipper


    CLYW - Big Dipper
    CLYW's newest masterpiece aims for the stars to draw maximum potential out of its plastic body. Learn More
  17. Peacebone



    CLYW - Igloo
    The inner-rim bimetal Igloo is Michael Kurti's new signature model! Learn More
  18. Purple Ombre

    The Gorge


    CLYW - The Gorge
    This inner-rim bimetal model is a total throwback to the infancy of wing-shape yo-yos! Learn More
  19. Green (No Logo) (No Logo)



    Core Concept Yoyos - Parser
    The monometal version of the BFF. Learn More
  20. Purple

    Whole Milk


    Crucial - Whole Milk
    Crucial's trademark "Milk" series, realized in full metal! Learn More
  21. Black

    Mini Star 2


    General Yo - Mini Star 2
    All new from General Yo, this awesome inner-rim bimetal yo-yo. Learn More
  22. Purple

    Evora Ti 7075


    Luftverk - Evora Ti 7075
    The maker that specializes in making yo-yos with titanium have released another gem, combining 7075 aluminum with a titanium rim. Learn More
  23. Reverse Ayame



    Onedrop - Prescription
    Combining the concepts of the Cascade and Project 2, Prescription is a wide, step-round full metal throw. Learn More
  24. Ayame



    One Drop x OhYesYo - Eclipse
    Eclipse is a collaboration model between One Drop and OhYesYo. Learn More
  25. Noodle



    Out of stock

    Pool Party YoYos - Noodle
    Middle-sized and wide-bodied, a little on the heavy side, but man does it bring the party! Pool Party's second release is a cannonball! Learn More
  26. Turquoise

    First Base


    Recess - First Base
    You hit the ball, now it's time to round first base! This full plastic yo-yo is a perfect step-up model for beginners. Learn More
  27. Champagne Gold



    Recess - Charm
    Made with the contest stage in mine, Charm is Recess's first inner rim bimetal model. We're, well, charmed by it! Learn More
  28. Splash (Red / Blue / Yellow)



    Recess - Snack
    Just a little snack! This tiny yo-yo is meant to let you play anywhere. Learn More
  29. Bliss CS

    Bliss CS


    SF YoYos - Bliss CS
    This version of the Bliss has been tweaked for Connor Seals (CS). Learn More
  30. Pink / Orange



    Out of stock

    SF Yoyos - Cadence
    The lightness and great spin make this wide throw feel special! Learn More
  31. Blue / Green / Rainbow Rim



    SF Yoyos - Bliss
    The luxurious silhouette and thick stainless rim make throwing the Bliss rather blissful! Learn More
  32. Silver / Black Rim



    Unparalleled - Cognition
    With an eye-catching straight H-profile, Cognition is Colin Beckford's signature model. Learn More
  33. Splash (Black / Green) / Blue Rim (No Logo)



    UNPRLD - Flashback
    The flash is back and more stable than ever, with a refined body made of 7075 aluminum.
    Learn More
  34. Clear Green / Black Cap

    Stealth Raider

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $14.99

    Hyper Yo-Yo - Stealth Raider
    This is a Japan-only version of YOMEGA Saber raider Learn More
  35. Clear Blue / Black Cap

    Hyper Raider

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $14.99

    Hyper Yo-Yo - Hyper Raider Learn More
  36. Splash (Black / Green)


    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price: $29.99

    Yomega - Glide
    A full metal yo-yo you don't need to bind! Rediscover the fun of responsive yo-yo play. Learn More
  37. Captain Phasma

    Alpha Wing (Star Wars Episode 7)


    Yomega - Alpha Wing (Star Wars Episode 7) Learn More
  38. Kylo Ren

    Fireball (Star Wars Episode 7)


    Yomega - Fireball (Star Wars Episode 7)
    The Fireball is still a standard starter looping yo-yo after all these years. Learn More
  39. [Set] Beginner1 Brain Set

    [Set] Beginner1 Brain Set


    [Set] Beginner1 Brain Set
    This set includes a Brain series yo-yo, 10-pack of string and a great how-to video for beginners! Learn More
  40. Clear Blue



    Yomega - Spectrum
    The LEDs on this Fireball light up as it spins! Learn More

Items 1 to 40 of 61 total

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