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Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works, a nod to its roots in the frigid north of Canada. The logo is inspired by the caribou's antlers, for a rather unique look. Owner Chris Mikulin started making yo-yos in 2006, focusing on the design, coloring, naming and packaging to create a whole product experience. CLYW is a design trendsetter, responsible for the popular splash coloring treatment. The yo-yos are well known for their performance, making frequent appearances on the contest scene. Members include 44Clash and US National Champion Zach Gormley, Czech National Champion Petr Kavka, and Canadian National Champion Harrison Lee. In Canada, the name "Yo-Yo" can't be trademarked, prompting the name change to simply CLYW.

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  1. BASECAMP Jackknife, Expedition, Moonshine Set

    BASECAMP Jackknife, Expedition, Moonshine Set


    Out of stock

    Basecamp - Jackknife, Expedition, Moonshine Set
    This set includes the three first three yo-yos released by Basecamp. Learn More
  2. Purple


    Regular Price: $54.99

    Special Price: $44.99

    BASECAMP - Sherpa
    A very interesting concept! Sherpa is a hollow-bodied full metal yo-yo with a retro shape. Learn More
  3. Beach Party



    Out of stock

    CLYW - Akita
    Named for the cute artwork that comes with it, Akita is a big dog at over 48mm! Learn More
  4. Grey

    Metal Yeti


    CLYW - Metal Yeti
    The Yeti has powered up for a full metal treatment! Learn More
  5. MisChief



    CLYW - Pickaxe
    Pickaxe is a middle sized version of CLYW's standard bearer, the Chief. Learn More
  6. Salmon Fade



    CLYW - Borealis
    This is the signature model of the 2015 1A world champion, Zach Gormley. Learn More
  7. Rafmagn



    CLYW - Puffin
    The latest Puffin! Originally released in 2014, the new version gets a redesign with a high bumped response area and a super low edge. Learn More
  8. Navigator



    BASECAMP - Navigator
    Improving mobility with a midship weight, Navigator is BASECAMP's first bimetal model. Learn More
  9. Blue

    Peak 2


    CLYW - Peak 2
    The Peak gets an update for its tenth birthday! Learn More
  10. Bombshell Fade



    Out of stock

    CLYW - Kayak
    Kayak is the first yo-yo that CLYW can proudly proclaim is the signature model of 2002 and 2007 1A world champion, Yuuki Spencer. Learn More
  11. Petr Kavka Edition



    CLYW - Compass
    Compass is the new signature model for Czech champion Petr Kavka! Learn More
  12. Milk Shake

    Big Dipper


    CLYW - Big Dipper
    CLYW's newest masterpiece aims for the stars to draw maximum potential out of its plastic body. Learn More
  13. Peacebone



    CLYW - Igloo
    The inner-rim bimetal Igloo is Michael Kurti's new signature model! Learn More
  14. Purple Ombre

    The Gorge


    CLYW - The Gorge
    This inner-rim bimetal model is a total throwback to the infancy of wing-shape yo-yos! Learn More

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