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Onedrop is a specialty yo-yo maker from Oregon state, USA. First arriving on the scene with its full metal Project in 2008, the simple logo made from helvetica and a symmetrical symbol for the butterfly shape making an strong impression on everyone. Their yo-yos are similarly simply designed, from their Project and M1 (Metal for Everyone) to their recent mini-sized Dingo, the comparatively new maker has received a lot of support for their releases. They aren't very large yet, but with the infamous Mark Montgomery on their team, their fans are constantly on the rise. The Project was a limited production run, with his Next now on the scene, it's no doubt that despite their simplicity, onedrops encapsulate a great deal of individuality. Perhaps that is the secret to their success.

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  1. Gold

    Deep State


    onedrop - Deep State
    A slim body, tug response, and side effects make the Deep State a friendlier throw than its name implies. Learn More
  2. Desert Sand



    Onedrop - Overture
    A full metal measure that rocks a beautiful rounded shape, Overture hits the right key! Learn More
  3. Green



    Out of stock

    Onedrop - Terrarian
    At 46.7mm wide, Terrarian is a wide-bodied full metal yo-yo. Learn More
  4. Reverse Ayame



    Onedrop - Prescription
    Combining the concepts of the Cascade and Project 2, Prescription is a wide, step-round full metal throw. Learn More
  5. Green / Red

    Küntosh 5000QV


    Out of stock

    Onedrop - Küntosh 5000QV
    This is a premium 7075 version of the Küntosh, but so much more. Learn More
  6. Reverse Ayame



    onedrop x Static Co. - Parlay
    With a pedigree of over 10 years, Parlay is a concept that was conceived in the 2000's and combines the best of the old and new. Learn More
  7. Purple



    onedrop - VTWO
    A full two years after the first release, Vilmos Zoltan Kiss's second signature model has come to life. Learn More

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