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Your First Trick

Today's most basic, but important trick is called Long Sleeper, where you make the yo-yo stay spinning at the bottom of the string. If you can't master this, it will be all but impossible to do anything else!

1. Take the yo-yo in your hand, be careful of the direction the string is wrapped.
2. Extend your arm all the way out, with your palm up, then bend your elbow up at a 90 degree angle (showing off your bicep muscles)
3. Straigten your arm, turning the palm of your hand down at the same time and throwing the yo-yo straight down. Try not to drop your arm too low, or the yo-yo will strike the ground.
4. If you threw it properly, when the yo-yo hits the bottom of the string it should stay there and continue spinning.
5. Gently tug up on the string, which should make the yo-yo return to your hand.
6. Catch the yo-yo!

Of course, this is just the first of an endless array of tricks you can do with a yo-yo. New tricks are still being invented today! But if you want to learn any of them, you must first master the Long Sleeper.

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