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For Beginners

There are tons of options nowadays, not just between yo-yos themselves, but types of yo-yos. So which one is right for you? Well, let's find out! For your first yo-yo, you'll want a simple model with easy or no maintenance. These yo-yos are also the cheapest available.

1. For Complete Beginners

If you've never picked up a yo-yo before, or haven't mastered the basics, we recommend these fun models:




(Click here for Auto-Return Yo-Yos)

These models set off the new Hyper Yo-Yo boom, and are ideal for beginners. With these models, kids and adults alike can practice the basics. A special device in the body will automatically return the yo-yo when it starts to slow down. For this reason, these are called "Auto-return" yo-yos. As you get better at throwing the yo-yo, it will stop at the end of the string instead of coming back immediately. This move is called "Long Sleeper." With practice, the yo-yo will sleep longer and longer before coming back. For more complicated tricks, a long sleep will be more important. Auto-return yo-yos are great for learning these basic moves, which is why we recommend them so strongly for beginners. If you throw it right, it will spin for a long time. If you throw it wrong, it will come back on its own quickly.

For Those Who've Mastered the Long Sleeper

If you have a little experience with yo-yos, and know how to throw one, but haven't tried anything more complicated, these yo-yos might be a good fit.


Lyn Fury


These yo-yos have a larger body and spin even more than those above. The body shape is different as well, much wider and heavier than the yo-yos you might be used to. Their design is far better than the top-performing yo-yos of yesteryear, and at a fraction of the cost. If you can do a long sleeper but want to level-up, these models are a great value.

3. For those who want to try looping tricks

If you admired your friends who could perform loop-the-loop, double-loop and other high-level tricks, and want to try for yourself, these are the yo-yos for you:


Raider EX

Sunset T NXG

Click here for other looping yo-yos.

All of these are great for looping, and there are many tutorials available for looping style tricks. Although the yo-yos look like they're different sizes in the images, they are actually all the same size. We apologize for the confusion.

4. For the Hyper Yo-Yo Veterans

Maybe you used to play yo-yo, but set it down years ago. You can remember the basics from back in the day, and now you want to see just how far yo-yos have come in recent years. These yo-yos will spin for an eternity, and you can perform some amazing tricks with them, but their main characteristic is that no matter how much you tug on them, they won't come back!

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