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Contests Sponsored by REWIND
  • yoyosatisfaction (Japan)
  • Chilean National Yo-Yo Contest (Chile)
  • WFC International 3 (Poland)
  • 44CLASH (Japan)
  • Hokkaido Yo-Yo Contest (Japan)
  • Central Chiba Yo-Yo Contest (Japan)
  • Chushikoku Yo-Yo Contest (Japan)
  • All in One (Japan)
  • yo-style kyusyu (Japan)
  • 44CLASH Russia (Russia)
  • US National Yo-Yo Contest (USA)
  • French National Yo-Yo Contest (France)
  • Hong Kong Yo-Yo Contest (Hong Kong)
  • Taiwan Yo-Yo Contest (Taiwan)
  • Japan National Yo-Yo Contest (Japan)
  • Japan Yo-Yo League (Six regionals) (Japan)
  • Europian Yo-Yo Championship (Czech)
  • Bay Area Classic (USA)
  • Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Championships (USA)
  • Mexican National Yo-Yo Championship (Mexico)
  • California State Yo-Yo Championship (USA)
  • Hamamatsu Yo-Yo Contest (Japan)

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