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Black Cotton Glove (Pair)

Black Cotton Glove (Pair)

These black gloves will help protect your hands.

This pair of black gloves is a great product for advanced players who are worried about string burn. You can play harder, faster and longer with these gloves. This is a pair of gloves, but there is no distinction between right and left, so if you want 4 gloves you can still just order 2 pair. These gloves are great, but they will eventually grow holes from all the friction of play, so be forewarned.

S = 21.5cm long, 8.2cm wide
M = 22.5cm long, 9.0cm wide
L = 23.0cm long, 9.5cm wide

Length is determined by measuring from the tip of the middle finger to the bottom of the hand. Width is measured from the outside edge of the pointer finger to the outside edge of the small finger.


Manufacturer From Japan
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