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myb. String Pro x10 (Old)

myb. String Pro x10 (Old)

From 2006 All Japan Champion Kiwamu Ebata, myb. brings you a specialized string for looping play.

To ensure top performance, 2012-2016 Japan National 2A champion and 3x 2A World Champion Takuma Yamamoto was tapped to help test the string. The resulting string is 100% polyester, and on the thick side. Since it's designed specifically for looping play, the strings are cut short by default to a reasonable length for that style. The maker specifically designed this string to use with a capless Initiator, but we've tested it with a capped Initiator and other looping yo-yos with great success.

From the Maker
This string was especially designed for looping play with a capless Initator, for players that have specific demands for the twist and thickness for their string.

The string helps compensate for the lower weight caused by removing the side caps. 100% Polyester. We recommend before playing to grab only to the string ends and tug them apart to help normalize the length before cutting the string. Due to the tight twist the string will seem shorter than it actually is during play.


Manufacturer myb.
Made In Japan
String Material Polyester 100%
String Ply -
String Count 10 counts
String Color White
String Length 85-90cm

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