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New Feeling Nylon Glove (Pair)

New Feeling Nylon Glove (Pair)

These New Feeling Nylon Gloves have a great texture that's made them a huge success with players worldwide.

These gloves are made from 100% nylon. They were made originally as moisturizing inners, but yo-yo players found them and started using them for their own purposes. The material is very thin, so you can quite easily feel the string as you play. The nylon is also very slick, so the string slides off it very smoothly, making high-speed play even easier. The nylon also stretches a lot, accommodating a wide range of hand sizes. These gloves are sold by the pair, but there is no discernable difference between right and left, so you can use both for just one hand.

After substantial use, or with a lot of friction, holes will develop in the glove. Keep away from velcro, which will cause the nylon to run. Purchase several if you are worried about running out.


Manufacturer From Japan

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