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Joker Luminous Ring Weight (For Strider M4x110mm)

Joker Luminous Ring Weight (For Strider M4x110mm)

If you want fine control over your yo-yo's weight distribution, the Luminous Ring Weight is for you. Install the rings on the inside of the rim and enjoy the new feeling they give, preserving the yo-yo's already exceptional stability. The ring weights were originally used at the Japan National Yo-Yo Contest by Team YoYoJoker member Yasushi Takabayashi on his DoubleJoker LF. Due to popular demand, YoYoJoker decided to release the Luminous Ring Weights to the public.

Most ring weights are heavy black rubber rings, but Luminous weights are made from a bright flourescent material, adding a bit of flash to your yo-yo experience.

Unlike prior ring weights, these ones are not already sealed rings; if you want, you can cut them to size for your yo-yo. This weight will fit a Strider without any further modification. Please check to make sure your yo-yo can accommodate a ring weight before you cut the ring. This part is intended for advanced players.

Size is M4x110mm, weight is 3.1 grams.


Manufacturer YoYoJoker
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